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One of the most favorite things, in my children’s opinion, that I can ever say. If they had it their way they would wander out as soon as a sliver of dawn seeped through there eastern facing bedroom window at like 5:15 in the morning. I’m not a morning person, and well they are still on the young side to be running around alone outside, even at our house. They have to wait for myself or their dad to be up and have their eyes open. Since dad works a 2nd/3rd shift, that leaves me to morning duty 6 days a week! Ahh!

So typically this happens:
One of three boys come in, they have learned not to all come in, and announces they want to go outside because it is light out, not raining, or if it is raining, not thunder storming, warm enough, not too hot yet, snowing, snowing but not blowing, not snowing. Okay you get it, they want to go outside!
This is followed by me asking for or looking to see what time it is. 5AM on most days is too early for me to be alive enough for outdoor play. I normally try to encourage them to go back to bed. Or something VERY quiet for at least and hour.
Sometimes it will be 8AM! Thank The Lord I slept in! Haha! Okay yes, eat first then play outside. That is followed by the request of the food be in some type of portable form. They want to of course eat it WHILE playing outside. Typically I try and oblige or simply serve whatever it may be on the porch, or slide, or fort, or teepee. Yep you get the picture yet again.

So what? Right? My kids like to go outside. And…?
First off they do not just like it, they LOVE it! It’s not just our home either, it is just about any outside venue, area, home, or park. But why?
My answer, the world outside is amazing, who doesn’t want to run through the mud, climb trees, forage for food when you want a little snack (today it was wintergreen), chase butterflies, look at frogs, watch birds. The list truly is never ending. I know a large number of adults would cringe at the thought of doing most or all of those things, but I have to wonder if that was always the case. Was there not a time when you loved to lay on soft grass and stare at the passing clouds or feel the crunching softness of the snow and you watched the snow fall from the heavens?
I still love it and I still do it often. It makes me happy, connected and centered.

But, this tis not bout me! So I asked the kids.
Big Man(6)-I feel free when I am playing outside. I can be anyone and investigate anything. I get to just be me. I like being outside cause it makes me feel special and like I’m part of the world.
Middle Man(5)-I get to PLAYYYYY! And I get to watch animals and learn from them. I love my frogs in the pond, I like to watch how their legs move when they jump. I like watching the birds too, they eat different types of things depending on their beaks. I also like to visit the faeries in the woods.
Little Man(2)-I like to ride my bike. I can jump on the board (little jump dad built). I like bugs too and trees! I’m gonna climb a tree to the mooooon! (Moon was visible that day).

I understand each and everyone of their reasons. It is a freedom to learn, explore and just be part of the natural process. Yes, I know, bikes and such are extra, but even if they didn’t have those items, there is still so much depth to what they are saying.

Have you ever hugged a tree? There really is something to that. To realize that this ‘thing’ is an amazing producer creating life from well seemingly nothing (photosynthesis). They provide vital oxygen, shade, food, vibrant colors, shelter and without them lets face it our world would be horrible, barren and down right ugly.

My children are healthier kiddos because they play outside. I don’t need scientific data to tell me that, but studies have shown it as well. I know it simply from when we have a string of days with severe storms where it is unsafe to play outside. Now I know, some of you are thinking, ‘well you must not have fun stuff to do inside!’ Oh on the contrary! We have an entire room devoted to indoor fun. All of it is utilized, but not as much as the best resource we have, the great out of doors. When they are outside they are getting exercise, testing their physical abilities, stretching their imaginations, and learning, all the time learning. Most importantly, learning how we all interact and depend on each living thing. That makes them happy, well rounded and peaceful.

Best way to start getting your kids back outside? Join them. It’s fun, I promise!


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